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size 24 x 30 cm; 192 pages; printed on Arena Rough Natural FSC paper 120 gr / sqm; hard cover, paperback binding in paperback stitching with thread thread
Isbn code: 978-88-98398-20-1
€ 25
The book can be purchased at the Info-point of Cultural Heritage in Piazza Amendola 16 in Palermo ( or at M.M. Distribuzione Libraria Via Beato Angelico, 13/23 90145 Palermo Tel: 0916762393
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Here you will find the English translation of the text of the book in pdf format

    Scientific manager
Fabio Lo Valvo

Graphic design and editorial care
Guido Mapelli

Guido Mapelli
Clara Mapelli
Toti Bommarito


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